• 4 IDEALE plant-based burgers
  • 200g of boiled spinach
  • 150g of stale bread
  • 60g of onions
  • 50g of milk
  • 30g of parmesan cheese
  • 25g of flour
  • 20g of Butter
  • 2 Medium size eggs
  • 1 Garlic clove
  • 2g of salt
  • Nutmeg and pepper to taste


1) First, boil the spinach for a few minutes in boiling water. To get 200g of boiled spinach, you will need approx. 400g of raw spinach leaves. (as the spinach will shrink when boiled)

2) In a pan, melt the butter and brown the diced onions and the garlic clove. Add the spinach and season with salt, pepper, and a sprinkling of nutmeg. Let the flavors mix for 5-6 minutes. Leave to cool and remove the garlic.

3) Put the spinach in a mixer together with the whole eggs and blend everything.

4) In a large bowl, place the stale bread cut into small enough cubes (common bread, with a fine crust), the spinach blend, the milk, the parmesan, finely chopped burger, the flour, and the salt (2 g) and mix everything. Let stand 15 minutes before forming the canederli.

5) Next take a spoonful of dough and press it between your slightly damp hands, until you get a ball about 4 or 5 cm in diameter, roll until smooth.

6) Continue to repeat step 5 until you’re out of dough. Let stand for 20-30 minutes, before cooking them, so that they remain firm.

7) In a saucepan, bring the salted water to a boil and dip the canederli. The cooking time of the spinach canederli is approx. 16 minutes.

8) Remove the canederli from the pan and lightly sauté them in the pan with the butter and grated cheese.