Special Diet

We view dietary needs or preferences as an opportunity: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or dairy-free diets are a new way to enjoy the flavors of traditional Italian dishes without compromise. Our Gluten-Free Frozen Pasta and Pizzas are made from alternative gluten-free grains such as rice, corn, quinoa, plus veggies or no carb starch, offering the same texture and taste as traditional ones. All products in this range are carefully crafted in dedicated plants to exclude allergens and provide a convenient and safe option.

How We Work

The values we live by

Nurturing Tradition, Innovating Future: Our Core Values Define the Essence of Via Emilia.


We continuously explore new culinary horizons, staying at the forefront of food trends.


From ingredient selection to presentation, we deliver nothing but the best to our customers.


Our creations are crafted with passion, aiming to satisfy hunger and tantalize taste buds.


We prioritize well-being by incorporating wholesome ingredients and mindful preparation methods into every recipe.

Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it

Via Emilia's food is like a trip to Italy without leaving my couch! Seriously, the taste is on point. It's my go-to for lazy days when I want something yummy without the effort.
Walter Jove
Okay, Via Emilia, you've changed my frozen food game. The flavors are next-level, and I'm low-key addicted.. Love it!
Paola Blanco
The Gluten-Free Pizza with Bell Peppers is my new favorite! It's the perfect go-to for a quick and tasty dinner. Seriously, it's light, easy, and absolutely delicious.
Marisol Barturen
Madrid, Spain
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